Teachers and Staff

Paideia’s teachers and staff are all strong Christians, living lives transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ and subscribing to our Statement of Faith. Here is the list of our teachers and staff for the 2017-2018 school year.


Rebekah Forster: Kindergarten Teacher

Rebekah continues with us for her fourth year as Kindergarten teacher at Paideia. Rebekah fostered her love of biology at Clark College where she received her Associates of Arts. It was on a mission trip to India teaching conversational English and assisting with a school that she discovered she had a passion for teaching. Rebekah has enjoyed teaching Kindergarten Sunday School at her church and has led and assisted with multiple children’s music programs. Rebekah’s mission as a Kindergarten teacher is to nurture a love for Jesus in her students and to inspire joy in discovering and growing in His world. She lives in Oregon City with her husband Ben, enjoying outdoor activities and adventures, continuing her passion for biology and learning.

Jayna Heath: First Grade Teacher

Jayna joins our team this year as first grade teacher. Jayna graduated from Northwest University with a B.A. in Elementary Education, including endorsements in ESL and English. She is a native Oregonian who returned home after living in Washington, DC and Louisville, KY with her husband and growing family. Kurt and Jayna have four children, ages 12, 10, 7, and 5.

Sharon True: Second & Third Grade Teacher

Sharon continues with us in her second year at Paideia. She graduated from Central Washington University with a B.A. in Ed., Special Ed.major/ minor in Elementary Ed., before obtaining her Masters degree in curriculum and instruction from City University. She taught 15 years as a special ed. teacher and an elementary reading specialist, prior to being blessed with three children, ages 10, 12, and 14 now. She home schooled in Classical Conversations (CC) for 6 years, including tutoring there for 5 years. Sharon and her husband Mike serve on a children’s leadership ministry team while also teaching Sunday School together. Other areas of service include helping in PREP4kids, ministry trips locally and abroad, leading children’s worship, Bible studies, youth events, and interpreting for the deaf. Sharon considers it an honor to be able to pass on truth to the next generation since there is no greater joy than to take the hand of a child and place it in the hand of Jesus for all of life. The True family resides in Happy Valley, Oregon.

Lisa Poindexter: Third Grade Teacher & Teacher’s Aide

Lisa continues with us this year at Paideia as the math and language arts instructor for third grade and a Teacher’s Aide in the 2nd/3rd grade classroom. Previously, she worked for 12 years as an R.N. on an orthopedic surgical unit before deciding to home school her six children full-time. More recently, her family has been involved with Classical Conversations where Lisa tutored for 2 years. She enjoys vegetable gardening, cooking spicy food and good conversations with friends over coffee.

Kaitlyn Phelan: Fourth Grade Teacher

Kaitlyn continues with us in her fourth year at Paideia in the fourth grade classroom. She holds her A.A. from Clackamas Community College and her one-year Certificate of Biblical Studies from Montana Bible College, and she is one course away from having her B.A. in Humanities from Thomas Edison State University. She has experience in privately tutoring writing and math and in working with children of varying ages. She serves her church body by coordinating outreach events, leading her church’s foreign missions team, and serving as a camp counselor for girls at various summer camps. She has been blessed with the opportunity to embark on several short term mission trips where she has taught English as a second language and grown her passion to connect with others through education. Kaitlyn has a love for bringing learning to life in the classroom through hands-on projects and song and dance. Her goal as a teacher is to instill a love for our Savior and a passion for learning into her students as they discover more about the wondrous world in which our Heavenly Father has placed us.

Alice Barnard: Fifth & Sixth Grade Teacher

Alice continues at Paideia in her third year as teacher of our 5th/6th grade classroom. Alice graduated from Trinity Western University with a B.A. in Geography, minor in English. She still loves learning and has discovered through many years of homeschooling that she also loves teaching. Previous to teaching at Paideia, she tutored Foundations and Essentials classes for Classical Conversations. She is married to Gary and they have four children ranging from elementary through college age.

Rose Spears: Seventh Grade Teacher / Director of Academics and Admissions

Rose graduated from New Saint Andrews College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture. She taught for five years at King’s Academy in Oregon City, providing instruction in a variety of secondary-level classes. She has also taught Latin classes on-line for Classical Academic Press’ Schole Academy. She and husband David have four boys, three of them enrolled at Paideia and the youngest still in preschool. In her spare time, Rose writes historical fiction and does editing for her publishing company. For her fifth year at Paideia, she will be providing instruction in junior high Latin, teaching seventh grade Bible, math, and English, and overseeing academics and admissions.

Julie Southgate: Junior High Humanities Teacher

Julie SouthgateJulie joins our team this year as the junior high humanities teacher. She has over ten years of teaching experience in a classical Christian school and has taught various history, literature, Bible and aesthetics courses to middle and high school students. She holds a BA in History from the University of Oregon and a Master’s in Hospital Administration from the University of Minnesota. She and her husband, John, reside in Southeast Portland and enjoy classical music, hiking, and traveling. They have three daughters in college. She will be teaching 7th grade literature and history as well as 8th/9th grade literature, history, and English.


Alison Tertin: Eighth/Ninth Grade Math Teacher

Ali joins our team this year as math teacher for Algebra 1 and Geometry. She hails from northern Minnesota, where she taught middle school and coached for 8 years before moving to Oregon in 2007. She is a mother of two, the wife of a pastor, and a compassionate friend to all, having served for years in youth ministry, women’s ministries and the Classical Conversations home school co-op in Portland. On any given weekend, you’ll almost certainly find her with her husband and kids on some kind of adventure in the woods, on the beaches, or down the trails of the Pacific Northwest. Her peppy German Shorthair Pointer, “Daisy, the Roo Roo,” is always nearby, tracking squirrels and birds. To her, cooking is a necessary evil more than an art, and household plants are simultaneously beautiful and impossible to keep alive, but she remains optimistically hopeful on both accounts. Most of all, Ali continues to experience the profound grace of Jesus each day and is always inviting students, parents and neighbors into the way of life that belongs to Christ alone.


Kathy Mitchell: Junior High Science Teacher

Kathy joins our team this year as the junior high science teacher, providing instruction in General Science to 7th-9th grade students. She believes that studying science is thinking God’s thoughts after Him as we unfold the wonders of what He has created, everything that can be seen and the things we cannot see. Kathy majored in Biology in college, attended the University of Oregon to become a registered Medical Technologist, and later went back to school to become a certified and licensed science teacher. Kathy believes “doing science” is an important part of learning science. In her 30 years as a teacher, with 22 years of teaching in Christian schools, she has experience teaching all the science disciplines and has created many courses including Medical Biology, Forensic Science, and Marine Science.



Maddie Shearer: Lower Elementary Teacher’s Aide

Maddie Shearer continues with us a teacher’s aide in first grade and other lower elementary classes. She has worked with children of all ages directing various plays and events, volunteering in her church nursery, and co-directing a children’s choir. She loves the enthusiasm that kids have, and her goal is to inspire them to have a love of learning..


Beth Anne Cacka: Art Teacher / Upper Elementary Teacher’s Aide

Beth Anne Cacka continues with us this year as art teacher for first grade, math teacher for fifth grade, and a teacher’s aide for the upper elementary classes. She graduated from Hyles-Anderson college with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade for several years before marriage and becoming a mom of two boys. She loves art, history, music, animals, baking, hiking, and spending time outdoors with her family in our beautiful state.


.Angela Hangartner:  Music Teacher

Angela returns for her fifth year at Paideia as music teacher for all the Angegrades. Angela studied music at Marylhurst University with an emphasis in music performance and technology. She has led several children’s choirs, teaches piano lessons, and plays/sings in various bands/ensembles. Angela and her husband Bryan reside in West Linn with daughter Elinor.


Sharon Wilson: Art Teacher

Sharon WSharon continues with us in her fifth year as art teacher at Paideia, teaching the 5th-9th grade art classes. She is an artist working in a variety of mediums. After finishing home schooling six children, she began teaching art classes at King’s Academy and has continued that pursuit at Paideia.  She has a published coloring book of pen and ink drawings and is currently exploring her latest passion: watercolor painting.


Ana Dau: Art Teacher

Ana Dau continues with us as art teacher for the 2nd-4th grades this year. She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Classical Studies from the University of Idaho. She has had several years instruction in drawing and painting and enjoys studying art history and theory in her spare time. She has extensive experience teaching dance and theater arts at both the elementary and secondary levels. Ana is a stay at home mother with two students at Paideia and two more waiting in the wings.

David Spears: Headmaster

David served in the military for six years and then gained his B.A. in Economics and Political Science from George Fox University. David is a permanent board member at Paideia and serves as disciplinary principal. He and his wife Rose have four boys and a passion for advancing Christian education in the Portland metro area. David will be teaching the 7th-9th grade logic classes this year as well as the 8th/9th grade Bible class.


Brenda Kulbe: Administrative Assistant

Brenda received her diploma in Office Administration – Executive from Niagara College in Ontario, Canada. She worked for 12 years before taking time off to move to the States, get married, and raise her family. She enjoys paper crafts, painting, and amateur photography. She is an invaluable asset to our teachers as she coordinates volunteer scheduling, parent communications, and all things office-related.


2017-2018 Board Members: David Spears, Matt Dau, Kate Singleton