classical christian school students dress code

The Paideia dress code is designed to set students apart as students, young people who treat their vocation with gratitude and respect. Just as an athlete wears the uniform of his team or a doctor wears the uniform of his profession, a student wears the uniform of his vocation.

The school’s goal is to set a dress code that (1) creates an atmosphere conducive to diligent study, (2) teaches the student to look appealing, (3) affirms the God-ordained differences between men and women, (4) is easy for parents to obtain, and (5) is easy for teachers and staff to enforce. If you have questions about any details not clarified here, we encourage you to ask a teacher or the head of school.

To mark our assemblies as special events, every Friday will be a “dress-up day,” with students wearing their best uniforms. Please consult the list below to see what items are appropriate for Dress-Up Days.

Although our modern culture continues to blur the distinction between the sexes, Paideia believes and teaches that God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male or female. These two distinct complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God. Male and female students should present themselves in a manner that affirms the way God created them.

Parents should train their children to not only wear the appropriate dress code items, but also to wear them well. The general principle is not, “What can I get away with?” but instead, “How can I honor the school, my teachers, and my fellow students with my clothing?” Teaching your children how to press their white button-down is a gift of respect the child can give to others.

Parents are not required to purchase dress code items from a specific brand except for blazers (9th-11th), ties (7th-11th), and Paideia-logo sweatshirts, sweaters, vests, etc. (K-11th). These items must be French Toast or Land’s End brand. We have a page set up to purchase through French Toast. We are currently working on setting up a page with Land’s End.

Please write your name clearly inside each uniform piece, especially in sweaters and blazers.

Click on the button below to download the PDF which contains all the details of the dress code. The pictures below are merely references to help you visualize the dress code, but you will need to read the PDF to understand exact requirements.